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Mezzanine™ is a unique conference room solution that brings people, screens, devices and applications and data in a shared workspace. Mezzanine ™ supports parallel multi-discipline processes by providing collaborative technology that is multi-user, multi-device, and multi-display. The result is improved business results, and higher levels of concurrency between group such as engineering, design, manufacturing and marketing. With Mezzanine, teams instantly share information, work more effectively face to face and remotely and are empowered to make decisions faster.

Meet and work more efficiently
Support next generation work processes
Elevate the customer experience
Discover borderless collaboration

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Mezzanine™ Features

  • Shared workspace across multiple screens
  • Multi-Room shared workspace connectivity
  • Workspace support for web browsers, smart phones and tablets ( iOS and Android supported)
  • Intuitive spatial wand and presentation control, on screen content manipulation and whiteboard snapshots
  • Reach through control of connected laptops and applications from any device in any room
  • Compatibility with existing telepresence infrastructure and endpoints
  • Easy Integration with enterprise authentication and cloud services

Mezzanine enables multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device collaboration transforming creative teamwork, executive meetings, and sales presentations. A Mezzanine workspace lets any person on a network share content and applications with any colleague, anywhere in the world, interactively. Mezzanine is a turnkey appliance which combines presentation design and delivery, application sharing, whiteboard capture, and video conferencing, all within a framework of multi-participant control.
Support Next Generation Business Processes
Oblong’s products are helping companies like Boeing, IBM, GE, Saudi Aramco to radically improve the work of collaborative project teams, including executives, project directors, engineers, marketing experts, designers, software developers, business analysts, and other specialists. A Mezzanine room provides large amounts of screen real estate, flexible application and content sharing from multiple devices, and integration with whiteboards and telepresence videoconferencing.
Mezzanine shared workspaces enable teams to communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and work faster with tangible results.


Videotelephony brings over 25 years of distance collaboration experience working with top research and development teams. We apply transformative communications technology to large organizations with tangible results and multiple national awards recognition. Some of our past collaborations and customers include:

Telepresence Project, a multi-disciplinary research project led by Bill Buxton (currently Chief Scientist at Microsoft Research), and included XEROX P.A.R.C., IBM, H.P., U of Toronto, Carleton University, and others.
ePresence Project, a University of Toronto led webcasting research and development project that became the basis for Desire2Learn capture.

Award winning customer projects included:
Ontario Government, custom webcasting solution
Federal Government of Canada, courtroom videoconferencing for
Office of the Umpire Competition Tribunal, first electronic filing and electronic hearing for the Competition Tribunal.

Other customers include:
Department of National Defence, Competition Tribunal, Federal Court,
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Canada Industrial Relations Board,
Canada Refugee Board, Northern Ontario School of Medicine,
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Environment Canada,
Ontario Telemedicine Network, Carleton University, University of Toronto
Industry Canada, Algonquin College, IBM and Hummingbird Ltd.

We offer:

  • Business process evaluation and ROI calculations
  • Infopresence room design and engineering
  • Videoconferencing system integration
  • Installation, training and support

Our team has over 25 years‚ experience in broadcast studio installations, e-conferencing, videoconferencing room design, distance collaboration, webcasting, simultaneous interpretation systems, and presentation spaces.

“With assistance from Videotelephony Inc. we were able to quickly validate different distance communications methods like videoconferencing, webcasting, and application sharing to determine what worked best for us. Videotelephony then helped us find the best of breed technology and managed services for our critical communications needs allowing us to enhance services nationally while achieving significant efficiencies and cost reductions.”

Steve Johnston
Corporate Secretary (retired)
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

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