Video Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


Video Remote Simultaneous Interpretation



Benefits to Agencies and Language Services Providers

  1. Offer your customers cost effective video remote simultaneous interpretation  at a reduced cost when traditional on-site SI solutions are budget constrained.
  2. Gain more global business in other geographic markets with video remote simultaneous interpretation.


The SiPod is a simple hardware device for interpreters. It allows interpreters to deliver remote simultaneous interpretation over the internet. It plugs into any two  connected PCs/laptops/tablets with audio connections. One PC/laptop/tablet connects to the Presenter using your favourite video chat program, the other connects to the Listeners. The SiPod adjusts the amount of Presenter volume the Listeners hear with the simultaneous interpretation.

Simple and easy to use. No user fees, no per minute charges. Use any combination of your existing 2 PCs/laptops/tablets and video chat accounts like google hangout, Skype, etc.. Works with PCs and Macs. Use your PC headset and microphone with analog connections (not USB).

Provide interpretation to the world without travelling and enable world dialog.

SiPod costs US $199.00 plus shipping.

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Conferencing, local distribution, webcasting

The SiPod signal integrates with any downstream audio system. The remote SI signal arrives as audio in a video chat on the receiving PC/laptop/tablet. The audio then can be sent to any local venue distribution system, videoconference, webcast, audioconference or other standard disrtibution system just as it would normally.

Enable new on-demand global simultaneous interpretation applications in trade, medical, government services, judicial services, and corporate services with video remote simultaneous interpretation.

Remote Interpreter Briefcase

The Remote Interpreter Briefcase is a broadcast quality device that provides remote Simultaneous Interpretation over the internet or over two phone lines. It connects the interpreter to the presenter over phone lines, Skype, Google Chat, etc. and simultaneously connects the Interpreter to the listener. The interpreter can easily establish both connections and provide the interpretation. Demo video

Multiple presenters and multiple listeners are possible with optional conferencing capability.

Instant SI briefcase

The Remote Interpreter Briefcase is designed for use over distances and in applications where internet audio connectivity is not robust enough for business grade interpretation, like some northern, rural, or remote locations served only by phone or mobile phones. Two phone lines or robust internet connectivity is required at the remote interpreter location. Speakers and listeners can be reached through any connected audio device.

Our internet version Remote Interpreter Briefcase includes a global telephony platform to deliver Simultaneous Interpretation through the internet.

The Remote Interpreter Briefcase is available by custom pre-order only. Cost is $5,000.00 plus shipping.

Simultaneous interpreting is the process of listening to someone speak in one language and at the same time speaking in another. It is one of the oldest professions in the world.

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