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Virtual Communications Index

Virtual Meetings can now be held with relative ease and using an array of technology from High Definition Telepresence systems, to Skype, Google Talk, and various webconferencing and webcasting systems. The success of the communication transaction requires a number of necessary factors and conditions to be aligned and satisfied. Although properly functioning technology is one necessary factor, we have found 13 other factors that play a critical role. These factors can be measured to indicate a Virtual Communications Index (VCI). Scoring proposed new communications enabled applications and virtual meetings using a VCI methodology can identify critical areas that need to be addressed so business models and capital investments can return the promised ROIs.

Virtual Communications Index (VCI) pdf

Here is a sample survey result demonstrating areas of strength and areas requiring more attention.


















Courtroom Videoconferencing

Judicial applications require close adherence to protocol and maintenance of social nuances. One of Videotelephony’s award winning projects for the Office of the Umpire and the Federal Court of Canada was a videoconferencing courtroom. This design carefully examined the necessary conditions and fielded a set of ubiquitous technologies. We knew we had a winner when the Judge nodded, across 5,000 miles, to the lawyer and the proceeding began. This award winning application cleared a substantial backlog of cases and saved a lot of travel dollars while allowing judges to be more productive by reducing their travel time.


























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