About Us

Video in Ottawa, Videotelephony

At Videotelephony, we love video.


Videotelephony works with visionary innovators in distance collaboration and video production. These collaborations generate new ideas, products and services. The really exceptional communications and collaboration products and services, when applied by Videotelephony, significantly benefit governments and Fortune 100 companies. We solve communications and collaboration problems and improve business processes with passion, vision, and tangible results. Our projects have won 8 national awards of excellence for our customers.

We have brought together a team of talented professionals who build and create everyday.

Videotelephony offers

-Infopresence next-generation videoconferencing rooms

-Video production for web, television and mobile

Videotelephony Infopresence is ready to implement next generation videoconferencing and collaboration.

Videotelephony Studios are ready to create video for your business.

We are fully equipped and ready for all your ideas!

Our Values

Originality: We create new communications solutions based on research and development with leading innovators that enable amazing results.

Excellence: We dekiver excellence in all our engagements. This has resulted in 8 major national Awards of Excellence for our clients.

Ecosystem Approach: We like to learn with others as we develop multidisciplinary solutions with partners in industry, academia, and governments.

Sense of Humour: A must for any creative undertaking striving for the next level.

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