Value Proposition for your Company


Value Proposition for your Company

Securing Investments in Corporate Education and Training:
Innovation & Excellence through Mobile MicroLearning with KnowledgePulse®

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5 Problems in business:

  1. All people know that they have to learn, but most do not find the time to do so
  2. Companies and corporations depend in their internal excellence and service delivery on the learning of their employees, but the current e-learning solutions are not effective
  3. Traditional e-learning lacks effectiveness, is often not up-to-date and has high follow up costs
  4. The trend back to face2face seminars and instructions aggravates the problem of transferring the learned into the everyday work and office practices
  5. Internet and mobiles lead people to surf and search information, little knowledge is retained and built up in a sustained manner

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4 Solutions for corporations:·

  1. MicroLearning allows the integration of learning into normal working days and in-between activities using a push system onto PCs and notebooks; mobile MicroLearning uses cell phones for continuous learning opportunity and sustained capacity-building
  2. MicroLearning with KnowledgePulse® lets users memorize information through an intelligent algorithm for sustained knowledge built up and efficient knowledge transfer from classrooms into work environments
  3.  MicroLearning with KnowledgePulse® reduces costs through efficient content authoring, easy updating and quick administration
  4. MicroLearning secures training investments into employee’s one page management summaries tracking activity, progress and outcome of learning in an entire organisation.


USP – achieving competence, going for excellence:

The unique value of MicroLearning consists in the pedagogy and smart push system of small learning steps, whereby learning content is structured into Q/A cards which are automatically served up when a device is idle in such a manner that learners get to make learning a regular activity. TheKnowledgePulse® Server tracks activity and memorisation progress and provides behavioural data on knowledge levels and built up in the entire organisation. Clear metrics show learning achievements. KnowledgePulse® assures that the core tasks of information retention, memorization and root learning are performed and no testing or exams are needed to demonstrate excellence. KnowledgePulse® transforms companies into knowledge basedoperations. It focuses on explicit knowledge content and the ability of employees to retain, recall and utilize it when needed.