Value Proposition for Training and Certification Providers


Value Proposition for Training and Certification Providers

Your customers want to obtain additional qualifications? You want to give them a certificate? They must pass a vocational examination? They shall be prepared well for the next test?

Certification by KnowledgePulse®

The KnowledgePulse® supports the effective and simple repetition and consolidation of your examination contents. It is a powerful tool to prepare for examination and certifications. And it’s as easy as effective.

Electronic or printed learning materials for pre-and post-classroom training will be left behind after a short time. You don’t have time beside your job to repeat body of knowledge. For you can keep it and remember if you need it.

Our best practice example:  An international training provider for professional certifications manages the transfer of seminar knowledge into working fields by using the Knowledge Pulse®. Thus he supports his clients before the certification test.