Jennifer Beharry


Hey! I’m Jennifer Beharry!

I’m the Project Manager at Videotelephony and love what I do. I also edit, write, produce, direct and work as a grip!  I have always wanted to create and inspire and this is the perfect avenue for me.

Facts about me

● I love organization and planning.  I love starting with nothing and creating something that turns into an entire new media piece with a life of its own
● I can shoot, edit, write, produce, do voiceovers and bake delicious cookies
● I think collaboration is key to an excellent project. Working on ideas with other people can help you grow as well as nurture your current ideas
● I love to hear new ideas and storyboard. I may not be the most talented artist but it is one of my favourite parts of production
● I love photography. I love video, but sometimes a picture can take my breath away.

Favourite Things

1. Music and adding music to video

2. Running and Laughing

3. Chai Tea/Earl Grey Vanilla with milk

4. Clean laundry smell


Jennifer Beharry

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