Global Interpreters Now (GIN)


Enabling world dialog is the mission of (GIN). This two sided market allows global agencies and interpreters to find global customers and deliver remote simultaneous interpretation through the GIN internet telephony platforms. Designed to provide customers and interpreters with a 50% cost saving option to deliver SI services from anywhere in the world, GIN will provides six modules to help interpreters and customer transact for and deliver SI services.

The six modules will include:

  • Registration and profiles: Lets agencies and interpreters and customers register and populate their profiles including video uploads
  • Social Networking:Connects whole platform community and allows social interaction ala facebook.
  • Scheduling and notifications: Lets agencies interpreters and customers schedule live audio/video and document review sessions and coordinate global calendars. Includes email and SMS reminders.
  • Marketplace:Lets customers post job requests and view agencies and interpreters’ responses and offerings.
  • Monetization with e-commerce: Allows agencies and interpreters to be securely paid by customers for work done through ecommerce.
  • Global audio and video delivery platform: The GIN platform provides webconferencing (video, audio, chat, slides and document sharing) integrated with telephone or computer (VoIP) audio. The platform also provides audio and audioconferencing connectivity to PCs (VoIP), landlines, mobile phones optimized for global tarriffs.