Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How much does a video cost?

The base price is $1000 dollars a minute. This might sound incredibly high but once you look at a break-down you see that you have to pay for a location, the camera person, an audio person, a producer, as well as the time and effort that goes into planning and doing a storyboard.

Each member of the team is paid just like in a restaurant, if you didn’t have the cook you would not get your food.

2. Why should I get a video production company to do my video?

Video production companies have the tools, resources and experience to help you. If you want to produce a video it should have good audio and video quality so that people are not distracted by not being able to see or hear your message.

3. What is webcasting? How can I use it?

Webcasting can stream live video over the internet to many end users at the same time. Some allow for interactivity with the viewers can ask questions. The event or talk can be live or archived. Here is a sampling of a webcast.

4. What if I have a video already?

We’d be happy to sit down with you, free of charge and figure out the ways to use social media or perhaps redo your video if needed.