Departmental E-conference Services (DECS)


With assistance from Videotelephony Inc. we were able to quickly validate different distance communications methods like videoconferencing, webcasting, and application sharing to determine what worked best for us. Videotelephony then helped us find the best of breed technology and managed services for our critical communications needs allowing us to enhance services nationally while achieving significant efficiencies and cost reductions.”

-Steve Johnston, Corporate Secretary, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Departmental E-Conference Services (DECS) is the audio conferencing, video conferencing, and data conferencing national platform for the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

Designed from a proof of concept by Videotelephony Inc., DECS quickly grew to a national videoconferencing offering. Integrating audio conferencing with the videoconferencing infrastructure and bringing both in-house provided large cost savings and the system was able to grow nationally. It continues to provide much needed cost reducing alternatives to meetings requiring travel, particularly to remote locations. A fully integrated and managed service was designed by Videotelephony to meet specific Service Level Agreements for this mission critical national service complete with support and and integration to the Department’s help desk.

DECS is now fully operational by in-house staff.