Competition Tribunal


The Competition Tribunal was looking for an electronic way of filing documents and an electronic way of displaying documents during highly technical and complex hearings. In some cases 50 tons of documents had to be printed and delivered to Hearing locations and then shredded. This was a huge expense and the Competition Tribunal hired Videotelephony to help design an electronic e-filing system and an electronic document retrieval and display system.

Technical challenges were heavily outweighed by challenges from members of the legal community who did not believe this was possible and citing previous attempts…precedents …loudly proclaimed that this would “never work”.

Videotelephony working with a Steering Committee was able to design the first e-filing system and incorporate a work flow management tool designed for the hearing proces. Outfitting an existing courtroom for electronic displays and rehearsing the referencing and display process completed the preparations for a practice hearing. Minor bugs were found and eliminated at the practice hearing and the system was ready for prime time.

To calls of “it will never work” from the legal community the system performed flawlessly, eliminated all the printed material and the associated costs, and reduced the hearing time by 20%.

Hailed as a major success by the whole Competition Tribunal community and legal community the project won the Award of Excellence at GTEC for all government projects, and the silver Award of Excellence at the all government and industry CIPA awards. The first two of four Awards of Excellence for Videotelephony.